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DSC01683Hello! My name is Angel C. Aquino. (Trivia: Before I got married, I once interviewed the actress, Angel Aquino, for Women’s Health magazine. I told her we would soon share the same name. I’m not sure if she was thrilled about it, but I can honestly say she was beautiful both inside and out!)

As a freelance writer, editor, and blogger, my mission is to uplift, inspire, and educate others through my stories.

This blog is for young women writers who are struggling with fear, confusion, and self-doubt. I’d love to help you get inspired, find your voice, and send your own positive message out into the world. I will be sharing the tips and tricks I’ve learned about writing throughout my years as a full-time editor of publications like Candy magazine, Runner’s World, and Good Housekeeping. I’m also passionate about writing fiction (check out my first novel, Love At First Run), traveling, and living a healthy lifestyle (or at least trying to!) so you’ll find those topics here too.

Got questions? Just shoot me an e-mail at angelcaquino.writer@gmail.com.

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