A Message For All Women Writers Who Have Ever Doubted Themselves

Exactly a year ago today, I attended Write Away, an all-women writing retreat in Casa Luminaria, Batangas. The organizers and mentors were familiar to me: I worked with life coach Aurora Suarez back when she was a big boss at Summit Media, I often see #RomanceClass founder Mina Esguerra at various workshops and events, and... Continue Reading →

Print Books vs. E-books: 8 Benefits of Using an E-reader

When I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones back in 2011, I was instantly hooked. It had all the elements I loved in a TV show: fantasy, adventure, excitement, intrigue, romance. Problem was, I could not keep track of all the characters—there were just too many! So I decided to read the book.... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Yogi in me

It was a beautiful, sunny day at one of Bicol’s white sand beaches. The sun burned my skin while the sea glistened, inviting me to take a dip. But instead of jumping into the water, I stood like a warrior, my arms outstretched and my feet digging into the sand. I tried to stay still,... Continue Reading →

A Brave New Year

I can still remember the time I sat at the airport in 2004 with eight virtual strangers, waiting for our flight to Singapore. I had just graduated from college and was about to participate in an ASEAN exchange program for five months. I was excited, sure, but mostly I was terrified. It was the first... Continue Reading →

October Stories of Positivity

A few months ago, when I was trying to figure out my personal brand, I realized that I wanted to be a writer who could uplift, inspire, and educate others through her stories. The world is already filled with devastating news and negative energy, so I wanted to share a little bit of positivity in... Continue Reading →

10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

During my years as a full-time magazine editor, I would give out assignments to freelance writers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and illustrators. All these people would come together to help us editors produce the beautiful pages in our magazines and books. When my magazine closed, I decided to give freelancing a try. After all, if... Continue Reading →

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